Why SEO and how does it work?

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Why SEO and how does it work?

 29th January 2019

Website Optimisation – Refurbishing your website for visibility.

In this digital age there are a lot of things that seem too good to be true; is that 1970s record player on ebay really ‘as new’? Will those vitamin waters with a thousand positive reviews on Amazon really ‘revolutionise’ your health?

It can be difficult to navigate what is promotion and what is real when you’re online but when it comes to concepts such as website optimisation, which promises to improve your online business performance, it really is worth the investment.

Website Optimisation, also known as Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, is the process of making your website more visible to search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

A search engine works by gathering information about content online (i.e your website’s pages) into an index and then uses an algorithm to match any searches to the information available. The algorithm itself has been made to look for particular things in this information that it thinks makes a website ‘relevant’ to the searcher’s query. The more relevant this information appears to the algorithm the higher up the search results your website will appear – making it more likely that a potential customer will find you.

Website optimisation, therefore, is about speaking the right language to these search engines so that they can gather the right information and find your website relevant. This optimisation can take many forms, from making sure the descriptions in the code of your web pages are the right length to making the best use of internal links to showcase the pages that you want your customers to see.

If website optimisation was that 1970’s record player, therefore, it would be one that had been fully re-wired for modern electrics and painted in the right colours for your lounge! It would have been refurbished to meet your needs.

So, if your business isn’t being heard online it’s likely that it isn’t being seen by search engines as relevant and you may simply need the type of refurbishment that website optimisation offers to see results! At Get Your Company Noticed we offer real no-nonsense optimisation packages that really do have the potential to refurbish your online performance – making your business more relevant, visible and attractive to potential customers. Simply click here for more details.