Terms and Conditions

We provide a free initial consultations, website analysis, website package calculator and quotes.

All paid services will commence when an order has been placed, confirmed, the 20% deposit has been paid and all necessary information has been received from the customer.

Website Development, Logo Design & Branding

Customers will be provided with opportunities to review the branding or website during the development phases and request amends. Reasonable amends will be covered in the original quote, but substantial changes may incur an additional fee. We will inform you of the cost implication prior to undertaking any work.

Payment Terms

Our payment terms are 20% deposit, with remaining balance broken down into equal payments. The final invoice is payable within 10 working days.

When payment is received, the rights to the website content are passed to the customer. We may, however, ask if we can use your website as an example of our work and request a testimonial.

Launch and Hosting

Get Your Company Noticed will take full responsibility for putting your website live. If we are not hosting your site, we will need to work in collaboration with your hosting provider to action this stage.

If you do opt for our hosting, the first year charges are covered within the package price; however this is an annual fee. We will contact you when the renewal payment is due. Failure to meet the payment terms will result in hosting services being cut and your website being lost.

SEO, Advertising and other On-going Services

We will agree a rolling monthly contract to deliver the on-going services that best meet the needs of your business. These services include a monthly overview, to keep you up-to-date with progress and results.

Payment Terms

A monthly fee will be agreed and this will be payable on the first working day of the month…

Cancellation Terms

We request one month’s cancellation notice, but recommend that these services are undertaken for a minimum of 6 months, in order to generate the desired results.