Google & Social Media Advertising

Showcasing Your Business

Keen to get your products or services in front of your target customers? For many businesses, the best option is to invest in online advertising.

If this is a dive into the unknown for your business, Get Your Company Noticed will ensure that your Google and social media advertising is correctly set up and managed.

Be assured, you determine the advertising budget, which is paid directly to Google or the selected Social Media platform. If you are a charity, Google will provide a generous free budget, so you are just looking to cover the management fee. There is no risk of overspending and campaigns can be altered, paused or stopped at any time.

Google Ad Management or
Social Media Management

From: £3000* per service

20% Deposit:


11 payments:


*Prices shown are not inclusive of VAT.

Initial Consultation

We advise on the best platforms for your business, as well as discussing your online marketing strategy – what will you be promoting and when?

Set Up

Our monthly £250 management fee covers the cost of preparing the adverts, optimising the landing pages and ensuring that the best set up process is followed.


With real time data to inform decisions, it’s possible to trial different marketing campaigns and then directs your budget to areas where the advertising generates the best returns.

No other form of marketing has the potential to be placed directly in front of the people who want what you offer. For a start-up business, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get your name out there. For established companies, Google and social media advertising can work effectively for launching new or seasonal range, promotions and clearance sales.

A Friendly No-Hassle Process

Book your free no obligation consultation with one of our experts to understand your needs and we will support the growth of your business with our convenient packages and simple payment terms.