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Get Your Online Business Summer Ready !

 30th April 2019

Spring has finally sprung and summer lies tantalisingly on the horizon! Many of us are starting to make plans for the warmer months, but what does this mean for your online business? Is it ready for summer rushes or will it be making the most of a lull? How can you ensure you make the most of the good weather to promote your business?

Your Website

Many customers appreciate a well run, easy to use website, especially in the busier months! Making sure that your summer stock is on the front page, updating your imagery to coincide with the season and ensuring that your events and promotions are scheduled in to run when you need them are all things that can greatly increase engagement from customers. Don’t be afraid to give your banners or headers a little summer makeover – customers appreciate knowing that your website is active and fresh!

Your Social Media

Social media benefits greatly from consistency, which is something that can be difficult to manage when you have staff away for holidays or a particularly busy schedule! This is where tools like Buffer (LINK) or Hootsuite (LINK) can come in particularly useful. These tools allow you to schedule posts for social media in advance, allowing you to choose the times or days in which they are released – maintaining your businesses presence using time that works best for you and your company.

Your Marketing

Online marketing is renowned for being a fast paced, ever-changing, domain. With people spending an average of 2 hours and 22mins on social media each day creating new marketing strategies to catch their eye is vital. Since online engagement often falls in the summer months with more people outside now is the perfect time to invest in some new small run strategies and use tools like Google Analytics to discover what works for your customers in time to engage them during the Summer!

If the pressure is on and time is limited (or you’d like to get a slice of that lovely sun yourself!) we can help facilitate new web content (LINK), social media upkeep(LINK) and marketing campaigns(LINK) to tide you over the summer (and beyond)! Contact our team (LINK) for more details! lsdunhideused1