5 reasons why blogging is good for business!

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5 reasons why blogging is good for business!

 5th March 2019

Blogs (An informal webpage often updated in a diary style) sure are fashionable these days but unless you’re teenager with a certain amount of black eyeliner and a love for dubious poetry it can be hard to see the appeal of starting one.

However, nowadays a blog can be a great asset to your online business and they are a staple part of online traffic and marketing – even business leaders like Forbes own one! But what exactly does blogging do for your business?

  1. Increases Traffic To Your Online Business

We’ve talked before about the power that Search Engine Optimisation Click here for SEO blog has to increase traffic to your site but blog posts can play an important role in this by linking more of your website content together and generating more organic traffic by widening the search topics you can cover. You’re also generating content that you can use to promote your business on social media sites – articles that are likely to generate interest and sharing.

  • Showcases Your Business

You can use your blog as a platform for showing your customers what you do, what you’re proud of and even to answer frequently asked questions so you have a resource you can send to people. You can also establish yourself as an expert in your field, educating your clients but also demonstrating your skills and knowledge.

  • Builds Connections

A blog shows the human face of your brand, the people who work with you and the great workplace you have together. You can demonstrate how friendly and relaxed you are by posting relatable content which makes you more approachable. Building connections like this establishes your dependability and trustworthiness, setting you apart from a faceless competitor!

  • Keeps Things Fresh

Regular blog posts show your customers that you’re active and still working towards your mission statement. It keeps them up to date with the latest offers, news and improvements to your business and allows them to take advantage of new developments.

  • Builds Understanding

By interacting with your client base through blog posts you can see where their interests lie, what content they respond to the most and even try out new marketing ideas to get an idea of responses before you invest in advertising. A blog can be a vital tool in understanding your demographics and pitching your marketing in the best way for your business!

Blogs are a vital asset in building brand awareness, encouraging traffic and interacting with customers. We provide blog posts (Content and blog writing) written specifically for your business as well as building blog web pages (bespoke website design) – contact us here for more details!