3 Ways Social Media can boost your business..

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3 Ways Social Media can boost your business..

 1st April 2019

Social media sites are more than just recreation – for your business they provide a valuable resource for interacting with customers and promoting your business.

According to statistics from 2019 there are 3.397 billion active social media users who spend an average of 116 minutes a day engaging with social media. That is a wealth of activity, engagement and accessibility that your business could be missing out on!

But how exactly does social media help your business?

Provides Low Cost Marketing

  • Most social networks are free to join and use
  • Your customers can leave reviews and recommendations for your business for others to see
  • Paid for advertising on social networks start at a very low base rate – allowing you space and time to experiment with what works for your business before you invest heavily

Increases visibility and accessibility

  • Releasing posts about your latest news, products or projects allows a wider audience to see what you do, and to remember you.
  • Makes your business easier to find through search engines by creating more places that your business can be found online.
  • Generates more traffic to your website through users clicking on content
  • The private messaging systems give your customers more convenient places to contact you through, allowing them to see when a message has been read and giving you a chance to answer questions and provide service information in real time.

Increases your business’s reputation

  • Customers can interact with your business more directly and in a more personal way – which humanises your business and makes you appear more friendly and approachable.
  • Customer satisfaction is easy to see through reviews and comments which also gives you a better idea of what your customers are interested in and can help you better target your services to your users, helping you to build a reputation for good quality work.
  • You can create a positive image of your business through interacting with people and producing original content – this lets your customers know your business cares about them and builds a clear image of your brand, identity and ethos.

If you’re interested in making social media work for your business why not contact us about our social media packages and let us help you Get Your Company Noticed!